Q.  I need my website to change from week to week, but I cannot afford to pay anyone to make the changes.

A. Our built in tools gives you the power you need to make changes both big and small when ever you need to.  Say you have a word misspelled, all you have to do to fix it is load the page into the built in editor, fix the spelling, and update your changes.  All of which would take less than a minute!!! 

No kidding!!!

Q.  I'm tired of having to download my files from the webserver modify them, and then have to upload them back to the server to make changes.  Is there a faster and easier way?

A.  Yes, absolutly yes, we completely understand your dillema.  We used to build and do customer web sites in that way.  Our system stores your page content on a database.  So, when your site needs the content, it gets it's most recent copy there.  To edit that content, we have tools built into the website to make it possible to do all your changes within a browser window.  When you want to see what your changes look like on your site, all you have to do is click a button to update/save your page.

Q.  I need to get my web site online quickly but I don't understand how to even start.  Can you do anything for me?

A.  Yes, all you need to do to get started is call us.  We'll help you pick out a unique internet domain name that best suits your needs and then set up the site for you.  Setup takes approximately 24 hours if it is a newly registered domain name.  After that amount of time, or rather when both of us can get to it, (most importantly you) we'll take an hour or so to walk you through how to use your new site.    The other thing to note is that you are not required to pay for your site till it is online!  So, you get to see it, use it, and approve of it before sending in your payment!   That's how confident in our system we are!


Q.  My site has now been online for a few days, I have a good feel of how the site works and what it's abilities are.  Is there any documentation for me to read to help improve my skills?  And without having to read a 600 page book?

A.  Yes, we have help manuals for every need.  Our first manual is about 30 pages.  It provides an overall rundown of the site and it's features.  We also are putting together other help documents which are geared towards the specific features of your dotcomed web site.  That way, if you want to read specifically about the inventory system, you only need that help manual.

Q.  I have a template which somebody else put together for me.  I paid good money for it and want to use it.  Is there any way this can be done?

A.  Yes, while our site has been built to be extemely flexible, that is one of the many features it has.  We can essentially wrap your template around our functionality so you are able to use your template with our site.  That is one of the most basic features of our web sites.  We call this custom template integration.  Depending on the complexity of your template, integration can take anywhere between 15 minutes and a few hours.  

Q.   Is this another site that I'm going to have to pay for and then find out that it's not really even serving me?  What I mean is, are there going to be images, words, and anything else on my site that says "powered by" or "Hosted By" or "Another site by..." your company?  I find that companies which do this actually take my business away from me!  Reason being, most internet based companies usually go after the same kinds of clients.  So, if you can link from my site to your site and then show my customer your other clients, then you have just served your needs rather than mine.  So what of it???

A.  We couldn't agree with you more.  Companies that do that really don't get it!  So to answer your question, NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!  We don't ever put our name, links, powered by, or anything else on your site.  If that is your wish to do so, we welcome it.  But in no way do we require it, hard code it or anything on your site.  The only thing that is closely related to this subject is that we put our phone number in our source code under the "Author" meta tag.  That way, the only way someone could find out your competition is for us to tell them what it is over the phone.  It's kind of an old fashioned way to do things, but we believe it's safer for you.

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