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   So you say you already have a web site!  Is it really your web site?  Or does it benefit someone else instead or also?  What we mean by this is, are there links to other sites that might be viewed as competition?   Or are there just images that advertise someone else that is competition?   Also, are there any obvious advertisements that are really nothing more than distractions that you are not able to remove from your site simply because you don't control it?

The DotComed Dealership Web Site

   Our dealership web site is a prebuilt fully customizable free web site that comes only with the dealer hosting option.  First, it features a content management system for building your pages in seconds over the internet.  Our customers have the ability to create, modify, delete and arrainge their pages in specific order on the menu.  They also have the ability to insert images, tables, links, stylesheets, and many other page formatting features.

   It also has a built in inventory management system for listing all items in your inventory.  Our customers have the option of having either 1 or up to 5 photos with each inventory listing.  There is no prep work that needs to be done to get your images ready for uploading either!  Our application uploads, resizes, creates a thumbnail image, and inserts the necessary information into the database for your item.

   The website also provides the ability to define 20 dealer inventory specific attributes which can help define that piece of inventory.  Attributes such as miles, engine size, transmission, tire wear, pto, bucket size, drive type, color, and anything else you can think of.  These custom attributes only show up with each ad as they are filled in on the administrative side of your web site.  If you don't write anything, then it won't appear with the ad.  Therefore only showing the positive attributes of your vehicle.  

   Our dealership web sites also benefit from the traffic and exposure provided by Hot Media DealsTM which is a classifieds linking system.  Any inventory that you enter into your web site is inserted on the Hot Media DealsTM  Premium pages.  As you delete your sold inventory from your site, it is also deleted from Hot Media DealsTM  as well! 

   Feel free to check out a few of our existing customers who are using their sites on a daily basis.  Check out our "Clients List"


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Your new DotComd website will use the same program which operates the official website. 

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22 Page DotComd Web Site $300

Get a 22 page Brochure Website for your business for only $300/yr.  Each website has a home page, 20 content pages, and a contact us page/form. 

102 Page DotComd Web Site $400

Get a 102 page Brochure Website for your business for only $400/yr.  Each website has a home page, 100 content pages, and a contact us page/form. 

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