The dynamic (dotcomd) way to build a site!

   The dotcomd way takes just a few seconds a day to update, grow and maintain your new website.  The following are just a few simple reasons why our system makes things so much easier.

  • Our templates are set up in advance so that all you have to do is select the options you want. 
  • Our templates are controlled by a simple point and click system to define how they look.
  • Our site content is done online and saved to a database so there is no need to track and store filenames.
  • Our site can be worked on from anywhere you have a pc and an internet connection.
  • Our site offers a optional editor which allows you to edit and view your changes in a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor.
    • Add images and pictures with the ability to stretch and shrink them online.
    • Manage your image library for your site online.  Be able to delete images using your browser by clicking which images to delete.
    • Turn text, images, and other objects into links to other pages in your site or outside of your site.
    • Insert tables and be able to format all aspects of them using the editor.  Just right click your mouse to see all the options for editing the tables.
    • Align your content left, center, or right. 
    • Add bulleted lists.
    • Make text bold, italic, or underlined or all three.
    • Insert special characters; ® TM © « ¶ ± ¼ and so on...
    • Format your text using our text formatting feature.
    • Our undo button allows you to make multiple undoes when you've made mistakes!  You can also redo things that you un-did.
    • Cut copy and paste what ever you want into your pages!
  • Edit the side menu to put the same content with each page and only have to enter it once!  Include text, images, links, tables, forms, ads, what ever your heart desires!

The Online Editor Tool...

The Online Editor Tool

Services We Offer

ColdFusion Programming
PHP Programming
Database Consulting
SQL Server
Web Hosting
Email Hosting
Banner Ad Hosting
Server Co-Location
Shared Exchange Server
Sharepoint Server 2003
Domain Names $9.95/yr ea.

DotComd Website Features

Your new DotComd website will use the same program which operates the official website. 

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